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"I would like to commend Antogonie (in the Newton office).  She is very nice. "

Janice Dukes (Customer Service Survey)


"I would like to commend Kim and Antogonie (in the Newton office).  Very nice people!!!"

Rhonda Jones (Customer Service Survey)


"I would like to commend Kim Miller (in the Newton office).  Kim really helps supply your needs when you come in FLM Insurance, LLC."

Georgia Morgan (Customer Service Survey)


"Kim Miller is a very nice insurance agent, need more like her.  The staff that I have met is very nice."

Carla Jones (Customer Service Survey)

I visited the FLM Jackson location, and was thoroughly pleased with both the service and the selection of carriers they offered.  I placed my auto, mobile home renters, and even purchased a 'life' policy from the agency.  I feel they treated me fairly and professionally.  I highly recommend them!!
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