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About Us

FLM Insurance, LLC is an independent agency; therefore we work for YOU.  We select the best company available for your coverage.

FLM Insurance, LLC traces its history back to 1969.  Its core, Gardner and Associates Insurance Agency, was started in 1969 by Walter and Daisy Gardner in Newton, MS.  In 2003, Gardner and Associates purchased the Beatty Insurance Agency of Newton, MS, which was established in 1958.  It was acquired in 2008 by FLM Insurance, LLC, a full service insurance agency.  Today, FLM Insurance, LLC has locations in Newton, MS and Jackson, MS.

Staffed with a solid team of competent agents, FLM Insurance, LLC is equipped to handle the challenges ahead.  Our mission is provide you the most comprehensive coverage through the best available company at the most feasible cost.  Additionally, our claim service and general support will always be courteous and friendly.

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